Behind the Online Store: A Workshop Tour

Welcome to our workshop tour! I thought it would be fun to show you a little bit where the magic happens.

Running an online store (and not having an actual shop) deprives us of meeting our customers, but it also makes it really difficult for you to see where, how and what we make. To shorten the distance a bit, we will now take you on a tour through our workshops. And please excuse the mess – the workshops were not tidied up for these photos. I always feel our products should state “This item may contain traces of dust”.

Welcome to our dusty work-world: the woodworking room


First up we have our woodworking room. In an effort to keep the majority of the dust away from the paint room we set up shop in this Wendy house, right next to our main workshop. This is where we do all our cutting, sanding, gluing and drilling. Dust masks are essential when working here, and we often wear protective eye goggles, too.



On good weather days we like to take our baskets of un-sanded wood and sit in the shade of a tree while we smooth the cut-outs. This also helps keep the workshop a tiny bit cleaner. The grounds are spacious, peaceful and completely beautiful.

Main workshop: Painting and Packing


Our largest and best-loved workshop is the paint and packing room. This is a large room and we are super lucky to have enough space to work comfortably.

Different tables are used for different purposes and we all have our favourite spots!


The paint is stored on an old shelf that was part of my childhood. Here, each of the team has their own personal selection of paintbrushes. We get very attached to our brushes and it’s always a pang to finally have to part ways. Sometimes we accidentally use another team member’s paintbrush… it’s not pretty!


The back of this workshop is reserved for packing and storing products that have to go out that week. We also have a very basic computer system (read: an old, slow computer!) so that we can reference product photos at all times and ensure we use the correct colours. Bubble wrap and cardboard boxes are also stored here, along with packaging tape and many other necessary items.

The music station is a rather important piece in our workshop; you will seldom not hear our favourite music playing along. We take turns to listen to our personal favourites: mine is almost always Neil Diamond!

Sewing Department and Product Storage

Two more large Wendy houses make up the rest of our “base”. One of the Wendy houses was originally set up as a showroom, but we shut that down two years ago. Space was needed more than a showroom, so the place was duly turned into a small sewing department and product storage room. We do still have remnants of the old showroom left here, and still welcome clients who want to see the goodies in person.






I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. Thank you for making it all possible!



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