Welcome to our customisation page

At love.dominique we do everything we can to make you happy! As a result we make quite a number of custom orders every week. The customisations vary from a different colour or a different design, to a whole new product that we have not made yet.

And if you happen to be at our Facebook page, you will see that people who order custom designs are really very thrilled with their goodies! So, contact us with your custom ideas now!


Some examples of customisation:

  • Colour: Do you have a specific colour for your room? We can match the colour of our products, making them fit beautifully into your nursery.
  • Size: Are you looking for a different size of a product? Contact us to find out what we can do for you.
  • You want something new: Did you not find what you were looking for? Contact us and we will see how we can make your dream nursery come true! We make many custom orders every month *the artist in us rejoices*. Keep in mind that we mostly work with wood (MDF), cotton and felt.

We have published an article on our blog in which we show a good way of ordering custom decor for your nursery. We hope you enjoy reading our blog post Creating Your Dream Nursery.

Free Decor Advice

Dominique will happily give you free advice on decorating nurseries. She has been running love.dominique for over 12 years and is the head designer. Dominique is always excited and happy to share her knowledge and give you her professional, artistic opinion. Do you want to know all about the latest trends and classic looks? Contact Dominique today!